Rainer Weber
stone appraiser; Specialist book author

Publicly appointed and sworn expert for NA T U R ST E I N & ART S T E I N

Responsible IHK: IHK Berlin

The Steinbüro Weber was founded in 1993 and is a stone expert office.
rivate appraisals, arbitration appraisals and court appraisals are prepared:

NATURAL STONES: granite, basalt, gneiss, sandstone, slate, limestone, shell limestone, travertine, marble, etc.
ARTIFICIAL STONES: Terrazzo; cast stone; concrete block; quartz composite ect

Type of applications Areas of application
Type of applications Areas of application Staircase and floor coverings (inside and outside); paving and walls; facade and wall coverings; Natural stone in the living room.

As a stone expert, Rainer Weber covers both areas (craftsman-technical and geological-mineralogical area). Opinion and tech. Advice can be taken:

rock identification / microscopy, stone properties; stone processing; Processing at the construction site / assembly, laying / pointing, impregnation, maintenance / cleaning, discoloration / stain removal; Damage / cracks etc.

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